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If Your Horse Could Talk has been educating horse owners to a more natural approach to their horses since 1999.  We accomplish this through our extensive website, the If Your Horse Could Talk show, clinics, consultations, a variety of articles and our natural product on-line store.



Natural Horse and Animal Care Articles

by Lisa Ross-Williams and Kenny Williams

Because there is so much information on "normal" horse practices, I decided to share the wonderful "natural" information I've discovered.

My writings are derived from over a decade of extensive research. Organizing and attending many clinics and seminars including natural horsemanship, hoof care, dentistry, massage and stretching, and feeding seminars has complimented my literary reserach. In addition to personally following natural principles, I've enjoyed sharing this philosophy with many horseowners and grateful horses with excellent results.

Lisa Ross-Williams is a free-lance writer, natural horse care consultant and host of the If Your Horse Could Talk internet Webcast. This exciting weekly show promotes natural horse care through knowledge by featuring expert guests in natural fields, and is guaranteed to educate as well as sometimes infuriate.

Many NEW and Updated Articles Now Available

NOTE-All pdf format (NOTED IN GREEN) articles are very updated and recently ran in Natural Horse Magazine (www.naturalhorse.com)

Lisa's book, Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care-Keeping your horse as best suits his mind, body and soul was released in October 2010  CLICK to visit the book website



Feeding Naturally

Reading the Labels; What you need to know

Equine Nutrition Myths and Facts

Animal Supplement Regulation 2004

Natural Hoof Care

Healthy Hooves, the Natural Way

Hoof Care; More Than Just a Trim

What to Expect from a Natural Trimmer

A Natural Approach to Laminitis

Laminitis is looking more like diabetes all the time. Transcribed interview with Dr. Joseph Thomas


PDF Bringing Zombie Horses Back to Life

Natural Horsemanship; A Piece of the Whole Horse Puzzle

Natural Horsemanship & Care with Linda Parelli



PDF Titer Testing in Horses with Dr Jean Dodds

PDF 10 Tips For Natural Winter Horse Care--Trail Blazer Magazine

PDF Colic-Prevention and Damage Control Naturally

PDF Hydrotherapy For Wounds

The Scoop on Poop and what it can tell you about your horse's health

Equine Dentistry; A necessity not an option.

A Natural Approach to Equine Parasite Control

Alternatives to Chemical Use

Equine Iridology; a valuable tool


First Horse-NEW Column in Natural Horse Magazine


PDF Are Your Ready for a Horse?


Misc Topics

PDF Traveling with your Horse

PDF Square Foot Gardening For You and Your Horse Part 1

PDF Square Foot Gardening For You and Your Horse Part 2


PDF Insect Control and Manure Management with Help From Mother Nature

A Natural Way of Living For Horses

Raising a Balanced, Healthy Foal

Sand Colic A silent but deadly killer

Hydration; More than a drop in the bucket

Play Equine Soccer


Dog & Cat

PDF Ode to Niki and Her Natural Passing

PDF Dangers of Foxtails

Spirit of the Cat



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