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Talking Horse Ranch

A Holistic Approach to Creating a Natural Environment and Healing Horses

Located in the scenic Verde Valley in Cornville, Arizona

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Ranch visitors by appointment ONLY.  Call 928-634-5797

We have moved Talking Horse Ranch.  Thank you to all of the


students, instructors and friends who attended and supported the


various educational events at the old location.


We’re also grateful to the property on Sheepshead Crossing Rd.  It

blossomed under our energy and provided a gorgeous and peaceful


setting for all of our visitors.


Now, introducing Talking Horse Ranch at Bella Rosa-still in the


tiny town of Cornville and still on beautiful Oak Creek.  Although this


property is a bit rough around the edges with lots of projects to


accomplish, it has quickly become home to us and our animals since


we moved in on June 20th,   2009.



Our focus for this Talking Horse Ranch is a little different than our


previous location.  The focus includes:


*  Research and documenting creating a natural living


environment for horses on limited and raw ground on a


budget.  This property is giving us quite varied terrain offering the


best of all worlds for our horses.  Our herd has four distinct terrain


areas—a small grass pasture, a soft dirt dry lot, high desert with


creosotes, cactus rocky and uneven ground, and a think wooded area


with a sandy base.  We’re also working out a deal with some


neighbors to utilize some of their unused land which includes more


creek frontage as well as high desert areas to expand our operation.


Above is the "forest area" turnout for the If Your Horse Could Talk

herd.  Scroll down toward bottom of page for more forest photos


*  Integrative pest and weed management research and

documenting our results.  Creating a natural and healthy


environment for beneficial insects and birds, thereby reducing any


need for chemical usage.  Composting manure and plant material for


use in our organic Square Foot Garden.


Dung Beetles make easy work of the dog and horse manure

Tarantulas help with insects

*  Holistic Rehabilitation


Designed as a retreat where a variety of horses (from beloved family


companions to valuable race horses) who are dealing with acute or


chronic conditions, physical or emotional, can be supported in their


healing using a holistic approach.


The Rehabilitation center at Talking Horse Ranch brings together some


of the horse world’s most respected holistic horse care practitioners


who come together to provide natural healing for the horses in




Our goal is to help balance each horse physically, mentally and


emotionally and get him/her back home to the humans that love and


care for them.


  • Diets will be specially formulated for their individual needs.


  • Dental balance can be accessed and addressed by a Certified Equine Dental




  • Emotional needs are understood and natural horsemanship principles are


everyday practice.


  • Hoof imbalances and conditions such as laminitis can be addressed using a


natural trim, alternative therapies and nutritional support.


  • Holistic therapies such as homeopathy, essential oils, acupressure, herbalism,


energy work and more are available to promote healing.


  • Both short and long term programs are available depending on the horse’s




  • Owners are involved and educated in the rehab process.

Here is Trooper (formerly Benny) a 10 year old Shetland Pony, the newest addition to our herd; foundered for over 3 years before he arrived.  Thanks to Norma for placing him with us.


**We will only be accepting a limited number of horses for this service.

*  Small equine educational events and seminars starting Spring 2010.


*  Equine Assisted Enlightenment Sessions

Ranch highlights


*  Sitting on beautiful Oak Creek, the beach area offers a place of

solitude surrounded by a plethora of wildlife, not to mention some


great fishing.



*  Amazing riding opportunities consists of riding the National Forest


either along Oak Creek on a soft, tree-lined trail or up in the high




*  An organic Square Foot Garden utilizing natural growing principles.


Wildlife abounds within the serenity of the ranch. Herd of Elk.


About Us


Lisa Ross-Williams is a natural horse care consultant, and host of the internet

based If Your Horse Could Talk show which promotes natural horse care through

knowledge.  She has completed the Basic Veterinary Homeopathy course through

the British Institute of Homeopathy, holds a degree in Environmental Plant

Science (special interest in organics), and is currently studying to be a certified

Equine Iridologist.  She is also the former Senior Editor of Equine Wellness

magazine and currently the Associate Editor for Natural Horse Magazine. She has

been practicing natural horse care and building If Your Horse Could Talk, LLC

since 1997. Lisa is an accomplished Natural Horsewoman who has studied

extensively with many top horsemanship instructors for the past 12 years and now

offers lessons as well as nutritional consultations.


Kenny Williams is co-host of the If Your Horse Could Talk show and a natural

hoof care provider/educator who has been trimming horse’s hooves for a decade. 

He specializes in tough cases whether physical or emotional, like extreme

imbalance, chronic hoof conditions, or previous abuse, utilizing essential oils,

natural horsemanship and energy work to help hasten healing.  He enjoys

educating as much as trimming and offers hoof care consultations, trimming

instruction and tutoring. Kenny is also a very accomplished Natural Horseman

who has studied with many top horsemanship instructors and also offers lessons.


Natural "Forest Area" Turnout





Walter Badet No Longer Affiliated with Talking Horse Ranch or If Your Horse Could Talk


As often can happen in life, one can make a bad decision when aligning

with other people.  We made such a mistake when we got involved with

Walter Badet for a short time.  Due to the fact that there is still some

info floating around on the internet that shows a connection between

us, we felt it important to post this short notice on our website.


Walter Badet is no longer affiliated with us, our ranch or If Your Horse

Could Talk nor do we support or endorse his services in any way.  We

strive to network with the best of the best and those people are listed

on our LINKS  page.  Anyone looking for a qualified natural

horsemanship instructor can also EMAIL Us and we'll point you in the

right direction.


We also suggest reading "Natural Horsemanship Explained" by Dr

Robert Miller which can help you weed out those unqualified people from

the good ones.




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