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If Your Horse Could Talk has been educating horse owners to a more natural approach to their horses since 1999.  We accomplish this through our extensive website, the If Your Horse Could Talk show, clinics, consultations, a variety of articles and our natural product on-line store.


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If Your Horse Could Talk Internet Webcast is a one-stop resource for Natural Horse Care information. This unique webcast features stimulating interviews with natural horse care experts in a variety of fields. The information we share during the webcast literally transforms the way horse owners relate and care for their horses. All day…every day…our programs are accessed by horse lovers just like you!


So Many Reasons to Listen to

“If Your Horse Could Talk” Internet Webcast

 Audience! Our unique internet webcast audience includes veterinarians, alternative therapy providers, trainers, owners, other equine professionals and horse guardians around the world.

Available! IYHCT Webcast is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Accessible! IYHCT Webcast audio is easy to access on our site with Realplayer download available.

Accurate! IYHCT creator and host, Lisa Ross-Williams offers expert information and is featured “Pro-on-Call” on the very popular web site allabouthorses.com and “Natural Horse Expert” on Animal Talk Naturally. Lisa is also Senior Editor of Equine Wellness Magazine and contributing columnist to Phelpssports.com.

Affordable! Where else can you get such invaluable information for FREE?

Achieve Results! Easy to use information allows you to make informed decisions about your horse’s care.

Always Educational and Entertaining.  This exciting, one-of-a-kind, thought provoking show is a hit with horse lovers throughout the world.


Here are some of the expert guests appearing on If Your Horse Could Talk Webcast. These national leaders include:

Linda Parelli (Horsemanship)

Catherine Bird (Author)

Pete Ramey (Hoofcare)

Buck Brannaman (Horsemanship)

Linda Tellington-Jones (TTouch & TTeam)

Kathy George (Animal Communication)

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Alternative Therapies

Margrit Coates - Hands-on Healing for Horses

Catherine Bird - A Healthy Horse the Natural Way (55:00)

Joan Fox-Lange - Animal Communication

Lorhyl Goodman-Herbs

Interview with Jock & Ivana Ruddock of Equine Touch

The Equine Touch with Jock Ruddock. www.theequinetouch.com

Essential Oils with Sharon Lamarch

Acupressure with Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow, authors and clinicians. www.animalacupressure.com

Kathy George, nationally known animal communicator. www.kgeorgeanimaltalk.com

Flower Essences with Christina Blume. www.blumesfarm.com

Cheyanne West, natural horse care consultant, author and homeopath.

Dr Darrel Kramer discussing equine chiropratic and accupuncture.


Health & Dentistry

Katy Watts Rocky Mountain Research on Carbohydrate Content of Forage. A MUST hear especially for insulin-resistant and Cushings horses.

West Nile Virus with Nancy Stephens. Nancy's paper/protocol is being accepted at the International Alliance for Animal Healing and Therapy in Oct 2002. She is currently working with Vets and M.D.'s in Florida to get the protocol out to the public.

Equine Dentistry with Lisa Barnes/Certified Equine Dentist.

Over-Use of Chemicals with Randi Peters and Dr Dan Moore

Natural Healthy Horse-Dr Dan Moore

Horsemanship & Riding

Interview with Linda Parelli

Shawnah Knittle on Saddle Fit.

Stacie Moyle-Natural Dressage

Dr. Robert Cook - Bitless Bridle

A Special Web Interview with Buck Brannaman

On-Air 1 year annivesary of the If Your Horse Could Talk show. Live remote from the Parelli Savvy Conference in Pagosa Springs, CO. Celebrate 1 year of our show!!!

Tai Chi for Equestrians with James Shaw . www.shawtaichi.com

Lousie from Equi-Fit Yoga. www.equifityoga.com

Buck Brannaman talking about Natural Horsemanship and his new book, "The Faraway Horses."

David Lichman - Gaited Horses

Natural Hoof Care

Natural hoof care with Kirt Lander

KC La Pierre and his HPT (HighPerformance Trim) duscussing natural hoof care.

Martha Olivo on natural hoof care and United Horsemanship. www.unitedhorsemanship.com

Kenny Williams - Natural Hoof Care

Majorie Smith talking about natural hoof care


Katy Watts Rocky Mountain Research on Carbohydrate Content of Forage. A MUST hear especially for insulin-resistant and Cushings horses.

Hair Mineral Analysis.

Balancing Minerals with Dr. Eleanor Kellon, DVM and author.

Dr Joyce Harman, DVM discussing equine nutrition including gut health, minerals, essential fatty acids, and sweet feed vs plain grain.

Mike Uckele and Jack Grogan on Hair Mineral Analysis including results on two of my horses.

Benefits of Flaxseed-Enreco Products


Debi Metcalfe from Stolen Horse International on Tips on Preventing Theft and Recovery of Stolen Horses.

Ginger Kathrens, author and producer of Cloud; Wild Stallion of the Rockies.

Open Discussion

BLM on wild mustangs with Ray Lewis, Kelly Grisholm and Dorothea from Public Affairs.


Spiritual Aspect of Horses

Advocacy/Topics of Concern

West Nile Virus Vaccine Adverse Reactions w/Testimonials (1:51:00)


A Special Web Interview with Craig Denega of the Ancient Healing Arts Assoc on the AVMA Model Practice Act.  Think you have the right to    use non-vet care givers?  Think again.

Ginger Kathrens discussing the Plight of the Wild Horses

PMU Industry with Helen from United Pegasus.

Sound Horse Organization talking about the horrible practices that sometimes occur in the Gaited Horse World. www.walkinghorse.org - *you've got to look at the photos there*

Illogical laws concerning EIA (Equine Affectious Anemia) with Don Blazer.www.donblazer.com

Mike Uckele on the Possible Ban on Nutraceuticals including, Glucosamine, MSM, minerals and herbal supplements.

Nurse Mare Orphan Foals


West Nile Virus Vaccine Adverse Reactions w/Testimonials (1:51:00)


Dr. Madalyn Ward - Vaccinations


Dog & Cat

Interview with Shawn Messonnier - Natural Care for Dogs and Cats








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