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Homeopathy For The Animals

Dr Glen Dupree, DVM, CHV

Homeopathy For The Animals is a practice dedicated to the art and science of

classical Homeopathy and its application in veterinary medicine.


Homeopathy is a deeply curative medicine that is not bound by diagnosis or

species.  It works regardless of the symptoms of the patient, regardless if the

patient is 4-legged, furred, finned, or feathered.


Explore the articles in www.homeopathyfortheanimals.com  for a

common sense, practical approach to holistic animal care.  The articles are

informative and are meant to foster a deeper appreciation of what health

care can (and should) be.  You will find articles on the general theory and

philosophy of homeopathy as well as specific applications to companion

animals, horses, and farm animals.  There is also a page on the broader

application of homeopathy within sustainable agriculture programs and the

potential global impact of this dynamic combination.

About Dr. Glen Dupree 


Dr. Dupree is a 1982 graduate of the Louisiana State University School of

Veterinary Medicine, where he received his training in the techniques and

applications of conventional allopathic medicine.


After running a solo veterinary practice for a number of years, Dr. Dupree

began to note that he was treating the same individuals over and over again

for the same “diseases” or worse “diseases” as the pets aged.  He also noted

a decline in the general health of the pet population as conventional medicine

became more aggressive with more vaccines and drugs at the veterinarian’s



He began to rethink the things veterinary school had taught him about

medicine.  About this same time, his son developed serious health problems

which conventional medicine was unable to cure.  These events led Dr.

Dupree to explore alternative forms of medicine.


Through a series of fortuitous events Dr. Dupree was led to the Professional

Course in Veterinary Homeopathy taught by Dr. Richard Pitcairn and the rest,

as they say, is history.  He has since furthered his Homeopathic education

through Dr. Pitcairn’s Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, as well as

through studies with various human Homeopaths in the US and abroad.  Dr.

Dupree was certified by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy in 1996.


Dr. Dupree holds or has held licenses in the states of Louisiana, New York,

and Pennsylvania.  Currently his practice is based in Louisiana and consists of

consultations at his office in St. Francisville, in addition to telephone

consultations to offer advice to care givers living outside the state.


In addition, Dr. Dupree maintains an active teaching, writing, and speaking

schedule.  He has served as a mentor on Dr. Pitcairn’s Professional

Veterinary Homeopathy web list and as faculty for the development of the

Veterinary Homeopathy Program at the American Medical College of

Homeopathy in Phoenix.  His writings have been published in the Journal of

the American Institute of Homeopathy, The American Journal of Homeopathic

Medicine, Homeopathy Today, The Natural Horse, The Louisiana Horseman’s

Guide, and IRiS Magazine 


Consultations with Dr. Dupree


Homeopathic treatment differs from the treatment in conventional practices

in part because it does not rely on a conventional diagnosis.  The selection of

the remedy is based on the symptoms of the patient on all levels – mental,

emotional, functional, physical, pathological , current and historic.


This difference gives the Homeopath a bit more latitude in the approach to

the patient.  Optimally, the patient will be able to be presented for a physical

examination and the care giver can have an in-person consultation with the

Homeopath.  The initial visit in these circumstances (if the patient is

presented for treatment of chronic disease) consists of the physical

examination, discussions on the hygiene of the patient, on the rare occasion

sampling for laboratory tests, and setting up a game plan for therapeutics. 

Once the hygienic changes are made and the patient reestablished a baseline

of symptoms minimally complicated by external factors, we begin

Homeopathic therapy with an detailed history of the patient’s symptoms, an

analysis of the patient with these symptoms as a guide to the Homeopathic

remedy for the patient, and a plan for evaluating the patient’s response to

the remedy.  From this point, the patient’s response to the remedy dictates

our further action.


Just less than optimal is when the patient and care giver live at too great a

distance to physically come to the consultation.  In this case, we can use a

local primary care veterinarian to be the “eyes, ears, and hands” for physical

exam and any laboratory sampling (and because it is good to keep a local

veterinarian on your team).  We can then take the detailed history over the

telephone and supplement it with the information from the primary care. 

With this approach, the patient’s case can be analyzed and advice can be

given on remedy choices and dosing procedures.  Follow up assessments on

the action of the remedy may also be made over the telephone.


Dr Dupree's Article The Basic Principles and Philosophy of Homeopathy


The Vital Force-A Workshop in the Basic Principles &

Application of Veterinary Homeopathy

Sept 11-12th, 2010

Talking Horse Ranch, Cornville, AZ


• The philosophy, theory, and techniques of classical

homeopathy as it applies to our animal companions

• The consequences of today's common practices in medicine and agriculture

• The holistic philosophy in general to homeopathy in particular

• The dynamics of disease, acute vs chronic

• The 4 rules of homeopathy

• The common acute and emergency remedies used with our equine


You will develop a firm foundation in the art and science of homeopathy and

to begin you and your animal companions on the path to true health.

Just $225 for two whole days of learning-
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928-634-5797 or EMAIL Lisa

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