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If Your Horse Could Talk has been educating horse owners to a more natural approach to their horses since 1999.  We accomplish this through our extensive website, the If Your Horse Could Talk show, clinics, consultations, a variety of articles and our natural product on-line store.

My Goals For the Show:

  • To promote natural horse care through knowledge
  • To give horseowners a reason to start looking at what is "normal" and start asking questions
  • To bring experts in natural fields in to inform the listeners about that alternative method
  • Provide periodic book reviews on publications relating to the natural horse world
  • Bringing together a network of natural-minded horse people

A sample of Topics include:

  • Equine Dentistry with Spencer LaFluer
  • TTouch with Linda Tellington-Jones
  • Natural Hoof Care with Pete Ramey
  • Vaccinations with Dr. Madalyn Ward
  • Over 95 more topics





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Educating Horse Owners--Sharing Knowledge-Building a Network


Since 1999 we have been educating horse owners like you and

sharing knowledge by providing the information, tools and resources

you need to support your equine partner in Mind, Body and Spirit.


Please NOTE; since taking over as Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Natural Horse Magazine, I have not had the time to keep this website very current.  There is still lots of great information even though it is a bit old.






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The If Your Horse Could Talk Herd

Our Greatest Teachers


From left: Rebel, Simon, Bam Bam, Riley, Smokie, Elvis, Trooper, and Cooper


Topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Hoof Care
  • Equine Dentistry
  • Horsemanship/Riding
  • Advocacy
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Chemical Over-Use
  • Natural Environments
  • & More



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If Your Horse Could Talk webcast debuted in 2001 and is

dedicated to educating horse owners to a more natural approach to

caring for their horses. This exciting, one-of-a-kind and thought-

provoking talk show is packed with great information and features

expert guests in both natural horse care and horsemanship. Guests

include Pete Ramey, Linda Parelli, Dr. Joseph Thomas and more. This

webcast is a hit with horse lovers throughout the world. We have over

130 dynamic interviews in our archive!


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We Have Moved

Talking Horse Ranch

A Holistic Approach to Creating a Natural Environment and Healing Horses

Located in the scenic Verde Valley in Cornville, Arizona


--Research and documenting creating a natural living environment for horses on limited and raw ground on a budget

-- Integrative pest and weed management research and documenting our results

--Holistic Rehabilitation for Compromised Horses

-- Small equine educational events and seminars starting Spring 2010

-- Equine Assisted Enlightenment Sessions

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The information here is easy to learn and apply


Enjoy your journey through this site where you’ll find invaluable

information, expert interviews, photos, articles, products and links

focused on natural horse care principles. Learn to support your equine

partner in Mind, Body & Spirit.



Lisa Ross-Williams and Kenny Williams








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